Your bedroom is where you spend a majority of your sleep time, so it’s essential to create an area that’s both comfortable and calming. To assist you, we’ve curated the latest bedroom design trends to help create the ideal bedtime haven.

People are gravitating toward shades that bring peace and serenity into their bedrooms, such as lavender or lilac.


The layout of a bedroom is essential for optimizing light, circulation and storage space. Additionally, it creates an inviting atmosphere that encourages good night’s rest.

Layouts should be tailored to the dimensions of a room and standard sizes for furniture such as beds, cabinets and wardrobes. Furthermore, bedroom layouts should be intuitive to navigate with clear pathways through the space.

For optimal aesthetic appeal, position the bed along the longest wall of your bedroom and flank it with symmetrical pieces like side tables and nightstands that have sconces lining them.

If your room has windows, make sure the bed is set up so that sunlight can stream in. Studies have indicated that exposure to morning sun may aid in improving sleep quality.


Lighting in a bedroom is an integral element of design. It creates the atmosphere, making the space inviting to spend time and sleep soundly.

Lighting fixtures for bedrooms come in a wide range of styles and sizes to fit any decor. Popular choices include ceiling fans, sconces and pendant lights – perfect for creating an airy atmosphere in the bedroom!

Floor lamps are an excellent choice for bedrooms as they provide both task and accent lighting. Furthermore, they create a focal point in the room by illuminating objects like shoes, socks or jewelry.

Sally Storey suggests incorporating bedroom lighting into joinery by installing under-cupboard lights fitted into shelving to illuminate items, or LED Contour strip under bedside tables for a funky, floating effect.


The bed is often the focal point of a bedroom, elevating it and making it easy to navigate. Switching up your bed design can be an affordable way to give your room a fresh new look for minimal cost.

When selecting a bed frame, take into account the size of your mattress and available space for movement. Additionally, think about the materials from which it’s constructed.

For instance, 100-percent wood frames are durable and strong. Particle board, made up of recycled pieces of wood glued together, is more cost-effective and lightweight.

When shopping for a bed, select one that best reflects your personal taste and decor theme. Making an incorrect selection can lead to backaches, disturbed sleep patterns, and other health issues.


When designing your bedroom, storage should be a top priority. Strike a balance between having enough room for essential items and having room for decorative accents.

Utilizing clever storage furniture can maximize your space and keep it organized. It may also make the area appear larger and airier.

Bedroom storage solutions should include drawers, cupboards and shelves. When using drawers to store things away, use dividers to organize your clothes.

Items like chargers, phones and eyeglasses can be stored in drawers; however a cupboard is ideal for books or medications.

Another option for bedroom decor is mounting a picture ledge. This will free up space on the wall next to your bed while still creating an eye-catching focal point in the room.

If your bedroom doesn’t have space for a full dresser, try installing a knee-wall dresser instead. Not only will this save space, but your kids won’t have to climb on it either!

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