Key components can help tie together any room. In bedrooms, symmetry is especially crucial; bookshelves for displaying collections and vanity tables for dressing up also are necessary elements.

Choose neutral, light colors for bedroom walls to create an unwinding atmosphere, while for an eye-catching contrast add one or more dark accent walls in bold hues.

Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings are an integral component of creating the atmosphere and style of any home, including rugs, curtains, bedding and textile accessories. From adding texture and color to changing the mood in any given space – soft furnishings play an integral part in shaping our environment and moods!

Soft furnishings can add comfort and coziness, creating the ideal place for relaxation in any living area or bedroom. Furthermore, they help improve acoustics of a space by dampening down noise pollution.

Upholstery fabric and curtains are popular choices when it comes to soft furnishings. Made from materials such as cotton, silk and wool, when making your selection be mindful of durability and maintenance needs as well as style that complements your bedroom interior design.


Bring some green to your bedroom with a houseplant, which can help regulate humidity levels and improve breathing. Plants also release negative ions that remove dust particles and pollutants from the air.

The parlor palm is an ideal bedroom plant because of its easy care requirements and low light requirements. Renowned for its long, narrow leaves with egg-shaped centers, this species thrives under indirect light conditions with average home humidity; just make sure your soil stays evenly moist but does not become waterlogged.

Snake plants make an excellent low-maintenance houseplant option. While their name might suggest otherwise, their green swordlike leaves with silvery striations make care easy – they look fantastic in bright corners of a bedroom or placed in a rattan basket!

Maranta (mother-in-law’s tongue) makes an elegant statement in any bedroom, featuring large leaves adorned with lime green highlights and pink stripes. One of NASA’s top 10 air-purifying plants, it requires only occasional misting with water to remain healthy and beautiful.


Lighting should be taken into account when designing your bedroom, both to emphasize its features and create a cozy ambience. Ambient lighting options may include ceiling lights, track lighting or recessed lights as well as wall sconces with lamps or LED strip lights that feature dimmable capabilities.

As part of your accent lighting scheme, consider including pops of color in the shades and bases of your fixtures for maximum impact. A splash of vibrant crimson or deep purple can add an eye-catching contrast to any room.

Layering different forms of lighting is key when designing bedrooms and other spaces, according to designer Alex Alonso. He suggests including at least three sources of illumination — task lighting, decorative illumination and ambient/general illumination.


Bedrooms require storage to house all kinds of items ranging from clothing and accessories, books, showpieces and trinkets. When space is at a premium, wall-mounted shelves and cabinets offer an efficient alternative to floor-based furniture while maximising vertical space while offering custom layout options tailored specifically to individual preferences.

Bedside tables with built-in drawers can also make great options for small spaces or those where closet space may be limited, while bespoke wardrobes offer the chance to maximize loft space through tailoring them specifically to each individual user.

Dressers or chests of drawers are timeless bedroom storage solutions. Look for designs with various-sized drawers to accommodate clothing and accessories as well as smaller items like jewellery or socks. Don’t forget to customize it further by giving it an individual color to complete its custom look in any given space

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