Designing a bathroom suitable for children involves more than simply adding an attractive shower curtain; children must also be protected from slipperiness and burns that could occur in these bathrooms.

Install anti-scald devices to regulate water temperature and rounded edges on cabinet and drawer handles to protect against injuries. Childproof locks keep hazardous items such as medicines or cleaning solutions out of reach from children.

Safety First

An effective bathroom designed for children must prioritize safety. That means fixtures should be placed lower so as to avoid standing on tiptoes or using step stools; high basin sinks are definitely not child friendly. Furthermore, locks should be added on cabinets and drawers in order to keep cleaning supplies and medications out of reach.

Slip and fall prevention are also key elements of creating a safe bathroom environment. Install non-slip mats in both bathtub and shower, consider placing non-slip rugs nearby the shower and vanity for improved grip, as well as choosing tub and faucet covers that limit access to hot water sources.

Heavy theming your bathroom can guarantee it will need updating again within a few years, but that doesn’t mean adding some fun elements like painted wall murals that add flair. A mural adds color while providing an easily managed backdrop for future updates.

Freestanding Tubs

Children tend to be naturally curious and enjoy exploring their environment, including the bathroom. Unfortunately, this curiosity can pose serious safety hazards, including falls and scalding risks.

There are numerous design choices that can help you create a kid-friendly bathroom that is both practical and entertaining for children.

Freestanding tubs, being closer to the ground than clawfoot or pedestal tubs, reduce injury risk when children climb in and out. Furthermore, including nonslip elements in shower and bathtub floors may help further decrease accidents.

Storage and organization systems can help keep children’s toys out of harm’s way, helping prevent trips or leaving them out on the floor where curious hands may grab them. Furthermore, installing a toilet lock keeps dangerous materials out of reach while also helping avoid accidental flushes that could potentially cause major clogs in toilets.

Fun Themes

Kids require a bathroom environment that’s both safe and user-friendly for daily dental routines like teeth brushing or bathing before bedtime, from brushing their teeth in the morning to taking bubble baths at nighttime. Fixtures positioned lower than typical, with stepstools to reach them, will alleviate awkward maneuvering issues; non-slip tiles and safety decals on floors ensure safe passage through space.

Brightening children’s rooms with colorful accents is an effective way to make the space fun for them, from vibrant shower curtains and toothbrush holders to fun designs that grow with them – such as using designs inspired by dinosaurs that can easily be swapped out later for something more suitable as they progress through their development stages. Just make sure it won’t become outdated. For instance, during their dinosaur phase it might be wiser to opt for patterns such as paisley-inspired designs as these can easily be switched out with something age appropriate if their interest wanes – such as using dinosaur-inspired patterns that can easily swapping out later if something else more age suitable takes over – or vice versa!

Decorated planters and hanging plants add an instant dose of greenery to any room while simultaneously teaching children about caring for and nurturing living things. An easy addition to any bathroom, decorative planters and hanging plants make an eye-catching statement when combined with cute themes such as ocean animals or space exploration.


Children spend much of their day in the bathroom, from teeth-brushing morning to bathtime before bed. Because of this, it’s crucial that their bathroom space be both functional and safe.

Opt for non-slip flooring to prevent accidents and choose an easy-to-clean color palette suitable for children. To minimize child bickering, design a layout where each child can have their own vanity station with plenty of elbow room between stations.

While it may be tempting to go all-out with playful themes, try to resist buying character shower curtains and other kid-specific decor items that they will likely outgrow quickly. Instead, choose neutral hues that can easily be updated with towels or wall art from different collections. Having plenty of stowaway space like built-in cabinets or mounting open shelving units is key in order to reduce clutter; try opting for one vanity with built-in cabinets or mounting open shelves which will store extra towels, toiletries and even toys!

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