An overly noisy kitchen chimney makes it hard to hear important sounds such as doorbell or mobile phone ringtone, leading to increased frustration and stress within your home. This may result in frustration and lead to unnecessary hassle for all involved.

There are a number of methods you can use to make your kitchen chimney less noisy, and reduce its sound levels without disrupting your meal preparation.

Noiseless Chimneys

Traditional chimneys can be distracting while cooking, but modern chimneys feature noise-reduction technology to operate at whisper-quiet levels allowing you to keep chatting away while keeping a conversation going at the same time.

Not only are India’s top kitchen chimneys silently operate, they’re also highly effective and boast sleek designs that help remove smoke, odours and grease from your air supply – leaving your kitchen clean and odor-free!

The Faber GEM 60 chimney is a high-performing and stylish device, designed to minimize noise. Equipped with gesture control features and baffle filters, making it one of the quietest chimneys available today in India. Suited for kitchen sizes ranging between 100-150 sq feet with its suction capacity reaching 1100m3/hr it is simple to maintain – available now on Amazon for Rs 9,999.99

High-Efficiency Motors

Our chimneys feature high-grade motors which use less energy while offering greater suction capacity. In fact, they’re 15% more energy-efficient than standard motors – saving money over time!

Our kitchen chimney cassette filters feature 3-7 layers of mesh that capture oily particles while still filtering out smoke and residue, making for lightweight yet easily removable cleaning filters.

Your kitchen chimney could be making excessive noise or the display parameters are inaccurate, in which case it’s essential that you contact Inalsa chimney service team right away for inspection of physical damage or malfunction, motor PCB failure or main PCB fault. Our team will assess and solve any problem quickly for you so you can enjoy quiet cooking in your kitchen again.

Noise Reduction Kits

Chimney ductwork that is improperly insulated can create noise when wind gusts blow across its pathway. Chimney balloons may help mitigate this noise issue in rural settings.

Faber and Elica offer noise reduction kits in their kitchen chimneys to further lower sound levels by 25%, including an easy-to-wash sound absorbing cushion to be placed inside the chimney.

Elica’s deep silence chimney features baffle filters that help filter out harmful smoke, odor and oil particles for maximum health and 58dB maximum noise level. Push controls and motion sensor technology facilitate its easy use – one of India’s premier modular kitchen chimneys! Additionally, Elica also includes watered auto-clean technology which makes cleaning and maintaining your chimney hassle free.

Better Filters

Noises coming from chimneys may be due to clogged filters. Cleaning them is simple: just soak it in baking soda or dishwasher liquid and clean regularly as they haven’t any impact on how the chimney operates.

Mesh filters contain tiny holes that capture grease and solid waste particles, preventing smoke from passing through. Unfortunately, due to Indian cuisine’s heavy use of oil and spices, mesh filters may become blocked over time, decreasing suction power of chimneys in turn.

Elica Filterless Auto-Clear Chimney features motion sensing technology to allow easy operation by simply waving your hand over the sensor. Plus, this wall-mounted chimney comes with a lifetime motor warranty and 58dB maximum noise level – ideal for kitchens less than 200 sqft! Furthermore, baffle filters and push control buttons help make this wall-mounted chimney an excellent addition. With its maximum suction capacity of 1100m3/hour capacity and designed to work best with 2-4 burner stoves.

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