Before choosing the tile design for your floor, take some time to consider how you want the room to feel – are you seeking relaxation or lively atmosphere?

There are various tile patterns to choose from when it comes to decorating with tiles, like herringbone or chevron patterns. Herringbone tiles create a staggered zig-zag effect while chevron ones form V-shaped designs.

Size and Layout

There are various sizes of tile available, each one capable of impacting the design and layout of a room. Larger tiles may make rooms appear larger by creating an illusion of more space; they can also serve to draw attention to features in a room like fireplaces or furniture.

Smaller tiles can be used to craft patterns that add interest and personal expression. Herringbone patterns are particularly striking and can be created using square or rectangular tiles; other popular patterns include basketweave, chevron and vertical herringbone designs.

By choosing to use identical tiles on both floors and walls, another way of creating a sleek, modern aesthetic is using them to cover both surfaces – this helps to give a seamless appearance in open-concept spaces as it minimizes grout lines which could otherwise distractingly occupying space in between tiles – as it also makes your room feel larger while giving an luxurious finish – however when installing larger tiles it may require additional support and labour for installation purposes.

Colour and Pattern

Carefully chosen tile colors and patterns can add character and life to any home. Neutral hues work well in many rooms of any style; while bolder tones add flair.

Patterns and shapes can add an eye-catching flair to any space. Laying tiles diagonally can make the room appear larger while adding color pop with herringbone patterns adds flair and interest to any room.

Brown, the color of trees and nature, conjures feelings of security, stability, and groundedness. This hue can be combined with neutrals to add contrast or light colors like yellow and green to establish an organic aesthetic. Brown tile also works beautifully when accented by wood elements or used with luxurious burgundy designs for an exquisite aesthetic.


Choose the appropriate tile material depending on how your space will be utilized. In high traffic areas, harder tiles might be more suitable, while for more intimate settings softer options could work better.

Tile has long been a favorite choice among homeowners for its durability, versatility and low maintenance needs. Thanks to modern technological advancements and innovations, there is now an array of unique floor tile designs ranging from porcelain and ceramic textile-inspired styles to wood looks – and all can be considered when making decisions about floor tiles for home floors.

Your bathroom, kitchen and living space could all benefit from having new tile floors installed – but make sure your color choice will not affect resale value! Additionally, consider what look you are going for: using matching tile on both floors and walls can create an elegant, cohesive design; alternatively go for more rustic-inspired options using various grout colors to add contrast and interest.


Keep up with changing tile trends can seem impossible, but even on a budget renovation you can find beautiful floor tile designs that keep costs under control.

Large-sized glazed-vitrified tiles are back on trend and can help make your home appear bigger and brighter. Tile thickness has also shifted towards thinner options to create an opener look and less busy environment. Patterned tiles, such as herringbone and chevron patterns are becoming increasingly popular while mixed width tile floors add interest without taking on additional work for installation of these patterns across an entire floor surface.

Price point depends on aesthetics and durability levels as well as production standards and certification. For instance, an artisan-style glazed tile with complex color palette might cost more than its plain counterpart with similar looks and ratings; through-body porcelain is often less costly

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