A door is generally a movable or hinged barrier which enables ingress into an interior enclosure and egress out of the same. The made opening from the interior wall to the exterior gateway is generally a door or gate. The main and fundamental purpose of a door is to offer safety to an establishment by restricting access into the premise. More often than not, it is placed between two rooms or within a large building to guarantee privacy and to render entry and exit easier for the people.

Doors are usually made from wood or metal and are fastened to the frame with a lock. In most houses, a front door is provided to the house and the back door connects the house to the external environment. In some modern houses, both the front and back doors are provided with a single door or a set of doors known as a patio door. These patio doors are provided as an added security feature and used in conjunction with the main door.

Door frames are generally a single piece of timber or steel constructed to support the door. There are two basic types of door frames available: the up and over door and the sectional door. The up and over door frame is generally stronger than the sectional door frame. It is commonly provided with a dead bolt lock. Sectional doors, as the name suggests, are arranged in sections. The structure of these doors provides protection against accidental removal.

As already mentioned, the primary function of a door is to provide safety to an establishment. Door frames should be considered in conjunction with the door to ensure that they do not block the opening to or the exit of the house. Doors should be properly aligned to prevent bending or twisting. Doors should open smoothly without any sticking or squeaking sounds. Any protruding hardware should be securely secured. Doors should be balanced so that movement in one direction does not affect another.

To ensure that doors are functional at all times, they should be regularly maintained. A damp proof door should be placed within the premise of the building for optimum durability. Garage doors should be regularly maintained as well. They should not be left leaning against any stationary object for a long period of time. Doors should be kept clean to reduce condensation. Doors should be repaired or replaced if they become defective.

One of the best sources for information on the installation of a new door is by looking online. There are numerous websites that provide information regarding door installation. Door professionals can also provide valuable advice and recommendations. Door professionals have more experience and knowledge of doors than homeowners. They can ensure the correct installation and can guarantee that the door works perfectly for an extended period of time.

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