A bedroom is a private room located inside a residential or commercial property characterised by its use for sleeping. Most people will associate a bedroom with a bed and therefore, the main pieces of bedroom furniture are a bed, bedroom dresser or nightstand, and a pair of bedroom chairs. A typical western bedroom will usually feature one to two beds, a clothing chest, and nightstand or dresser, all of which will also contain drawers. Western bedrooms may also include a chest of drawers as well as an entertainment center featuring video games, DVD player, cable television, radio, and CD player.

In addition to traditional bedroom furniture, the modern trend is to use more modern furniture pieces in bedrooms. You will find that the wardrobe has evolved from a basic, open space, to a more fitted, streamlined unit. You will also discover that flooring options are expanding to include tile, wood, marble and even leather! If you want to add a touch of the exotic to your bedroom, why not accessorize with a few exotic accessories?

Closets have changed as well, from the plain and large units that were found in early American homes to more modern designs that offer more functionality in a smaller footprint. One of the first changes to bedrooms occurred in the fashions of closets. No longer were they simply used for storing dust clothes. Instead, the contemporary closet was designed to be an aesthetic room piece and to incorporate the art of interior design. Some of the changes to closets that have occurred include: moving cupboards to the wall, using shelving units for storage, hangers and tie-back packs, hanging rods, wire racks and shoe racks, inlaid wardrobes and mirrors, custom cabinetry, flooring, wall-to-wall or ceiling-to-floor cabinets, linen closets and chests, hand-painted mirrors, wall calendars and jewelry racks. There has truly been a metamorphosis of the bedroom closet.

Another major change in the bedroom is found with the expansion of two bedrooms into three separate areas, which are now referred to as, studios, loft-style apartments or grand bedrooms. In the past, two bedrooms were considered to be like one room, but with the addition of studio-type units, people are able to live in their own personal space, which has increased the popularity of this design element. With these rooms, individuals can create their own private areas such as study rooms, libraries or reading areas, which have become very popular in this day and age. The availability of two bedrooms has also opened the door to creating dual-use rooms such as dens, which are basically the living areas of two bedrooms, or master bedrooms, which are used as a work area in addition to sleeping areas.

When it comes to selling a home, you need to understand the market value of your house and calculate your profits accordingly. This is especially true when selling condos, which are sold on a piece of land and includes one bedroom, two bedrooms or three bedrooms. For those selling single-family homes, the market value of the property is not as important because the properties are usually on the main streets of the neighborhood and near public transportation and convenient shopping centers. For those selling apartments, the bedroom count is usually the deciding factor in determining the property’s market value. With two bedrooms, the bedrooms are usually sold separately and one is priced based on the size of the bedroom.

Bedrooms are an important part of the home and often get neglected when it comes to selling a house. However, the bedroom is the room in which most bills are collected from the family. Whether it’s bills for food, clothing, utilities or mortgages, the bedroom is the room must have and the first place buyers look when it comes to determining the market value of a home. To sell a home at its fair market value, all of the fixtures in the bedroom must be in good condition and the overall quality of the bedroom must be at an acceptable level. In older homes, the carpeting may have already been replaced but the flooring must be in good condition with no loose edges or cracks.

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