To install a room door follow the steps below:

Get an urn from your urn box in your urn cabinet. Open your urn box by pressing “A” on your keyboard. Look for your “Key” under the button that says “Keyboard”. You will see an icon of an “A” – Click on it.

Use the photo to plan your custom doors. Use the pen provided in your urn box to create a scale drawing of your room doors. Use the pencil tool to create the dimensions of your doors. Draw the doors to scale. You can use the grid lines and a pencil to make your door design.

Tap your leather interior door. Use the tap handle provided for your car to open your closet doors. You should now be able to insert your coat hanger into your closet doors. Press your nails into the cor until the screw pulls out completely. Tighten screws gently to ensure they are secure.

Put the doors back together. Slide the cord back into its slot. Tap the handles and adjust accordingly. Tighten screws again.

Install living room French doors on your closet. Make sure that the cor fits snugly. Tap the bottom of your French doors so that it opens and closes properly. Run electrical tape along the bottom edge of the cor. Finally, replace the top end cap of your French doors.

Add charm to your barn door options. To add charm to your barn door, install a metal charm or an acrylic ornament. Cast metal charms can be found at hardware stores and online. Attaching an acrylic ornament is as easy as drilling a hole in your closet door and attaching the ornament.

Installing double sided corkscrews on your closet doors will help protect them from damage. Double sided cork stripping is available in rolls. Drill a small hole for the screw to attach to. Place corkscrews in the holes and screw them on. Finally, use exterior mount brackets to hang your doors to open.

Adding decorative doors to your living room will add value to your home. Swinging doors are an affordable way to update your home. When choosing doors swing style, consider the look you want your doors to have. Solid wooden doors are a timeless classic choice. Adding windows to your swinging doors will increase the appeal of your living room.

Exterior mounted corkscrews are very helpful in sliding barn doors. When you have a solid wood sliding barn door, you might think it’s difficult to find corkscrews that work with wood. Luckily there are corkscrews that work with just about every type of sliding barn doors. You might even notice some that double as hinges! For this reason, hanging corkscrews from the exterior of your doors is not only a practical solution but also an economical one.

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